Metallic Sounds

I woke up one day, startled by a nightmare. I couldn’t decipher what exactly it was but came to a solidified conclusion. There was a light, a silver lining adrift from the shores of mind. The deepest and darkest of thoughts couldn’t edge their way to that shore. I wandered amidst this light, making my way through the clouds, and alighted the train. 

I woke up one day, shifted from the cold. Metallic sounds glistened through my ears like the planets of the Milky Way. I wondered for I was dysphoric and reckless, could life have been a lie? Then, a wave of deja vu hit me. I was on a train, to an unknown place of mind. 

I woke up one day, stung by a sharp beam of light. There was music all around, metallic sounds I could hear once again. I found myself in a dilemma, a crossroads of confusion. Do I belong here? I listened intently, with no clear indication of thought. What once seemed foul was suddenly pleasant.

I woke up one day, springing to life. Enlightenment exalted me with its grace, a profound state of mind. Far away were the days that struck me unkind. I was on my way home, with that powerful euphoric sensation’s protection. The train, the folk, the roads, and the fear – gone. Only did the metallic sound persist.

I woke up one day, a smile on my face symbolizing inherent metamorphosis. Metallic sounds, playing from every corner of these banks. The flow of thought, so fluid in its motion that I said aloud, “Acceptance, for what it is, is the ultimatum of all things, with nature guiding its path. Music has touched me, I am home.”.


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