What is life to an oddity?

What is life to an oddity? An apparition of darkness?

Yonder lies Her gracious presence, for the blindness of mind

Convictions of behavior, unknown to those around; unkind.

“Come hither, for you have sinned” – Exacted my Conscience in digress.

I wonder why, She should say that lest

Life was nothing, albeit bona fide.

I ask once more, foul breath exhaling via chide

But my Conscience persists. Alas, stupendous feats of prowess.

A sleight of hand – She replies with repenting eyes,

“A gentle reminder, glory to thy name!

Glory! You shan’t cry in vain, child!

Look hither, so the odd ear shines;

Thy hath begot that euphemistic lie to shame.”

O Conscience, I have smiled.


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