Ode to the Devil

They stood before me,

Towering like ghasts in the sky.

The downtrodden, battered and broken,

Coming to a startling conclusion of mind.

I shivered, buckled at the knees,

While they proceeded to torment me with their fists and words.

They did not show remorse, for I was just thirteen and naive.

A young boy dreading his hearse.

I came to realize that life was unfair,

Unkind in every way.

A subtle appreciation on my part arose,

Towards the Devil, now so far away.

They always say, “Push through”,

But never illustrate the difficulties faced.

Maybe, just maybe, it was as though

Life was a torturous race.

Now, when I think about it,

It brings me to the brink of an emotional waterfall.

A solemn understanding on my part arose,

Towards the photos hanging on the wall.

Curse be with the Devil, for they have sinned.

They have committed a crime, an unjust action of corruption.

Life, as they know it, will change forevermore. 

For they have sinned, let there be destruction.

Karma, sweet karma, to the bone.

Acceptance, I’ve learned from You.

Bully me once more.

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