Where I’m From

Where there is a will, there is a way – They say.

Life disintegrated when they snipped the swine of its dignity

Confusion, in all its glory, came in clutch.

I’m the cricket from the thicket that became;

The flow of thought chained to the banks of the brain,

They cried in vain.

Why are they joyous?

I’m from the bottom of Old Monk that disappeared down their throat.

Father! Is life meant to be this unkind?

Food. Who are you to me?

Food is not a fiend, but a friend. 

I’m coming to life, I’m not afraid.

Control. Nothing beats the taste of sweet control.

Clutching the scent of what-seemed-to-be mental stability

While I whither away from dreadful existence.

I’m a pollutant in a world of peace. Oh! What a disgraceful being.

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