The Apparition


It’s a universally acknowledged feat that nightmares are among the worst known human occurrences. They are essentially dreams but amplified to the nth level. They are the worst-case scenarios of your existence. They will drain your soul to waste if not acted upon.

Imagine this. You are walking down some stairs to the basement of a parking lot. It’s raining outside, and dark, for it is almost midnight. The very framework of your thoughts is mismatched, and you cannot pinpoint what is going on, although the situation seems familiar. 

You hear eerie voices, figures of darkness emerging from the shadows. Fear encompasses you, running commences. You run for dear life because you are afraid of the unknown. Then, the feeling of being watched. Then, being chased. Then, well then you are squealing in dread, crying like a baby in this parking lot with the ghastly apparition ahead.

Confronted by the apparition, your life is at a high stake. You keep running. It creeps up behind you. You eventually turn around, and there lies a faceless figure conjured by inhumane presence. 

You awake from this nightmare, wondering if the apparition is real. The cold breeze slowly etches through your skin. That same nightmare continues for eternity.

Well, one day your bravery and honesty come to life. You are tasked with defeating this ghoul from hell. The staircase, the parking lot, the darkness encompass you. Anxiety-ridden, you stop. You face your apparition. Never again did it come back.

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