The Deepest Ocean

The deepest ocean holds secrets unknown to mankind. He, from their tribe, glances into this deep abyss of everything that life is about, and he thinks “I know nothing”. A solemn yet solitary thought on his part. He accepts his faith, unknowingly.

Long ago, when mankind was at its very beginning, with evolution coming along at a moderate pace, he existed. He had faith unlike anybody else. From the downtrodden tribe, he was kind and came across as a gentle human being; never causing harm to another. 

He followed Faith to her glorious abode one fine night. Fighting the urge to squeal in excitement, he trodded the grounds of the lavishly decorated castle of Hers. There, he found a great letter. Inscribed on it was an oceanic structure, with a depth of millions. 

Unknown to him, this was a dream. When he awoke, shaking with enlightenment, he proceeded to preoccupy himself with anything and everything that could align his jumbled thoughts, and achieve purity. 

First, he was astounded by this inscription, which he deemed “The Deepest Ocean”. Thereafter, actions became habits, which in turn, became his faith. He believed that the mind was incapable of rising to the degree of perfection. This, ironically, was exactly what he was doing.

Faith had destroyed him. He was ridden with euphoria, dwindling in its depths for so long that he could no longer be worried. Then, it caught him by the hip and shunned him to hell. 

He wanted to know more. He wanted to become perfect. No sooner had he laughed did the troublesome obsessions possess him. An intense obsession, condemning him to lower worth.

It was his painkiller. Knowledge, no matter how ridiculous, was his drug. In the deepest ocean of his mind, the corpses of those once innocent thoughts remained. Mankind never understood his passion, disturbed forevermore.

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