I never really understood the behavior of the human being as a bully. Highly astounding, difficult to tackle, and various synonymous entries can be a representative of my thoughts. Hatred amplified to the nth degree bubbles inside of a person immersed in sickness and torment, waiting to be unleashed.

Sins were committed by this human towards me during my school days – bullying. I am an advocate for kindness, but sometimes my heart-wrenching feelings of self-deprivation and disgust overpower me. I proceed to curse this person, so easily harming another human being like one would a tiny ant.

It’s easy to say that one can change their behavior. In reality, you and I both know that it takes weeks, months, or even years to successfully overcome these characteristics. I uphold the flame to this theory, and it burns bright inside of me. 

My heart aches when I think about those days, but alas, what can be done? Change is eternal and persists throughout life. I am merely a teenager of eighteen but have learned well. I have come to accept this change as it is, with a positive approach towards life, always moving forward. 

I want to be the savior of the downtrodden, and those considered inferior or retarded. I want to tell them that they have a purpose in their journey, and time will take care of them. As for fellow human beings who committed sins towards these people, karma will take care of them.

Enter, and arise with me. I call on nature to surpass theory and belief. Behold your enlightenment. You are an important entity in this world, and I shall work with you to help achieve your dreams. Behold, the hearth of your soul pulsates with euphoria.

Then, be kind to others and learn how to be kind to yourself. I will shower you with grace and hope, and ask in return nothing but your kindness. Please bear with me, this too shall pass.

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