Have you ever experienced an intense longing for contentment? Have you asked yourself why life is the way it is? Have you tried stopping all other mental processes? Have you come to a startling conclusion that only bogs you down and undermines your confidence? 

It is commonplace for human beings to experience such misfortune. It is undoubtedly a shark that has cornered its predator. It is, in every word, a catastrophic occurrence… one that you know all too well.

You want to achieve inhuman feats in the spheres of academics and astonish those around you. You want to conquer your fears and bask in that stillness of a solemn mind. You want to find your interests and go far beyond the sun. You want to experience joy beyond all measure. You want but cannot do it.

Acceptance and appreciation are two words that, simple enough, bring about contemplation and complexity in their nature; two words that astound and make you introspect; two words that when thought of, make you flounder like a fish out of water; two words of great meaning, wisdom, and understanding, yet not understood well enough.

I’ll tell you this, my friend. I know it’s difficult to convey what you are feeling. Your thoughts are as clear as the Himalayan streams, pristine and crystalline. The difficulty faced by you is unfortunate. With that said, you are worthy of love and deserve happiness.

Your intense longing and understanding of this world, the question(s) you have asked yourself in search of meaning, everything that you have contributed in the name of self-development, is not without progress. You, my friend, are brilliant. 

I want to tell you that your goals can be accomplished. I want to tell you that it’s okay to not be okay. I want to tell you so much, but so little has made itself onto this piece of paper. I want you to long for all those things, and keep asking questions; you will make the change.

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