For The Worst Is To Come

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Do you remember a time when there was eternal happiness? Do you remember sunlight echoing through the atmosphere shouting out those joyful words? Do you remember the great ocean floor sprawling with exhilarated fishes untold? I remember none. Not even a smidgen of memory comes through.

I was a child, just as everyone once was in their lives when I realized that whatever had happened to me was not the worst thing in the world. In other words, I stumbled upon what was to change my life forevermore. I may have been a child, but those few thoughts of momentary realization made an everlasting impact.

Pain is inevitable. That is a must, as is death, for the worst is to come. Nobody knows what the future holds. We try going against nature’s principles. We try to cheat the system. We try more than anybody else, for our greed exceeds but is not limited. With that said, let me talk about a possible solution.

Being unaware of most things in this world is okay. I believe that the current fast-paced world we live in has inhibited most, rather than enabled some. It is a shame. We overthink so much, but what is it that we even think about? For the worst is to come, the bubble is to be broken. Accept it.

The fact may be difficult to handle, but I say that its acceptance is what makes happiness all the more enjoyable. Come to think of it, life is really short. I can look at what I’ve written as junk that is to be read by nobody, but I know that these are stepping stones. The worst experiences to some may be more like learning experiences to others.

Pessimism is one of the core themes of my written works, which I have sought out to change. My personality, everything that I built on my grounds, is negative. I can dwell on misfortune, but I would rather become stronger from it. Happiness is not eternal. Death is inevitable. Inhibition is widespread. Acceptance is prosperous. Perspective is the ruler of all.

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