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A broken leg; thrown into the mix-

By Pain and Her minions.

Success denied, he cried

Throwing his runner’s shoes away.

A denouncing loss; thrown into the mix-

While his brain wallowed in Pain’s abode.

Brother was gone, She took his life

From this world to hurt him.

A doubt; thrown into the mix-

He was subdued by Pain’s possession.

Life was a dream, nothing was real

So he trudged in his thoughts.

A depression; thrown into the mix-

Pain had invaded and intervened.

Sorrowful tears unfolded, a river

Rose from the shallow shore.

A dreadful rejection; thrown into the mix-

Slowly carrying himself from Pain’s clutches.

Willingly accepting the fact, giving way

To people stomping all over him.

A traumatic crash; thrown into the mix-

His drive to escape angered Pain.

Ignorance was his downfall, a mighty

Eruption triggered what was once forgotten.

A deterring darkness; thrown into the mix- 

The death-like figure stumbled inside Pain’s cage.

Eternal suffering had commenced, he called

Upon Her to free him from his misery.

A freedom; thrown into the mix-

Living under Pain’s control no more.

He broke the rules, his illness

No more enslaved his mind.

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