The magical, invisible thing – Poem by Rahul

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The magical, invisible thing;

Brings itself like a wave-

Smashing into imaginary shores, waning.

Where doth it come from, sprinting?

Infinite; everlasting and brave,

The magical, invisible thing.

Lover of radio, singing

To the fields; voices of many a slave,

Smashing into imaginary shores, waning.

Of politics and king;

A song is clean like a shave-

The magical, invisible thing.

Strung together; chains to a swing,

“Beauty O’ intricate waves,” says Dave,

“Smashing into imaginary shores, waning.”

Pleasant to the ears; the bling

Of innocence: Quick to crave

The magical, invisible thing-

Smashing into imaginary shores, waning. 

Published by rahul

hello, i am rahul - a teenage boy with simple intentions and goals. i seek contentment and happiness for myself and those around me!

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