Touched by Sanity

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We all have moments of great fear, that which

Comes from the depths beneath all hopes, a ditch.

We all have those times; the mind so erodes-

Counting of misery, ever lasting hoax.

That day brought about a profound exchange;

One between mind and soul, of timeless beige.

That day brought you a life, a gentle score

Of wonder, of truth, of beauty evermore.

This thing we know now as the self, it shines

Bright like laughter, blooming like growing vines.

This thing we call our own; a mighty love

Binds the will, as strong as that graceful dove.

Raving birds sing a thousand words untold;

Green grass speaks to you, today’s glorious hold.

Raving birds sing like eagles, soaring high;

God gave us these creatures, think to the sky.

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