The Crow Flew Away

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In the depths of his sleep came a loud roar.

Crying, he woke up at the small front door.

“The worms he hath to eat ain’t here for sure!

Therefore, the dark knight goes to Battle’s shore.

At Thirst, he came across the ‘Thing’ galore!”

Lastly, the Thing saw the little dumb bore!

Just seek to reap; let leaves fall on your beak.

Then a mighty carriage of Wood shows seek: 

“Law-all the people for biting my cheek!

Let those flocks of sheep win the final peak?

Not at this house, I am a cultured geek.”

What in God’s name had next started to leak?

The answer baffled the bird beyond reap.

What was the point of serving all the sheep?

“Our hero begins his long, daring sleep,

Says a great lad, far away in the leap,

What could be the reason for that belief?”

Quickly, we make haste for the deadly leaf.

Confused, the sad haggard thought of the stars;

Heaven, for all he knew, always came last.

“What say, little birdy, we go to Mars?

Let’s find the secret to your ancient past,

And rejoice in the name of deathly farce!”

Then he woke up, back at the tree: his mast.

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