Yesterday, I came across an epiphany of sorts. My perfectionistic temperament made the feeling of contentment impossible. I learned that I had been chasing that feeling all my life. That pleasurable sense of accomplishment and unity with oneself. I was so blinded by situations of life that I did not dare step back and have a moment of perspective.

Yesterday, I found a piece of the puzzle – an amalgamation of matter and mind, constantly evolving. The puzzle I am talking about is, of course, myself. I am a complex being that resides with others in this world. I am insignificant in the grand scheme of things, nature tells the tale. I am selfish, and corrupt with hideous thoughts of hellish descent. I am me, an eighteen-year-old boy with aspirations far and wide.

Yesterday, I conversed with myself and flew out of my matter, soaring high. I found creatures of all sorts, and things that we usually take for granted. The importance of each thing in this world, living or not, cannot be understated. I flew above the river of memory, the mountains of thought, and found that piece of the puzzle.

Yesterday, I took a walk down memory lane. A silence commenced throughout my weak strides in my mind’s abode. Devastated and hopeless, I was never one to forgive myself. I realized the sheer uselessness of having that mentality. Appreciation and acceptance commanded me all of a sudden, and I was exalted into the air, flying up and above.

Yesterday, I was one day younger than my present self. Yesterday, I was a tad bit immature. Yesterday, I did not appreciate nor accept things as they were. Yesterday, yesterday is no more; only fluidity of present time and the inevitable future awaits.

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